How do I order a taxi?


Once you have created your account, you can place orders as many times as you need. These will be sent to the closest drivers. After [...]

How can I download Star Taxi?


The application can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play. Once you finish registration, you can place your first order.

What is Star Taxi?


Star Taxi is a mobile app through which you can order a taxi in just a few seconds

Why should I use Star Taxi?


Technology has developed a lot these days. Now you can use your phone or tablet to order a taxi where you need it, without calling [...]

What costs does Star Taxi imply?


Star Taxi application can be downloaded for free from App Store , Google Play or App Galery depending on your smartphone. All you have to pay is the final [...]

Is Star Taxi safe?


Star Taxi is a platform through which clients can order a taxi. These orders are shown, directly, to the drivers. Star Taxi works only with [...]

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