What is Star Taxi?2020-07-10T13:07:43+00:00

Star Taxi is a mobile app through which you can order a taxi in just a few seconds

Why should I use Star Taxi?2020-07-10T12:51:34+00:00

Technology has developed a lot these days. Now you can use your phone or tablet to order a taxi where you need it, without calling the traditional taxi dispatch. You receive an answer in less than 60 seconds, and you can see the car on the map as it approaches your destination. You have access to the driver’s details, and at the end of the journey you can leave a feedback.

What costs does Star Taxi imply?2020-07-10T12:51:34+00:00

Star Taxi application can be downloaded for free from App Store , Google Play or App Galery depending on your smartphone. All you have to pay is the final price of the journey, registered with the meter and communicated by the driver before you get off the taxi.

Is Star Taxi safe?2020-07-10T12:51:34+00:00

Star Taxi is a platform through which clients can order a taxi. These orders are shown, directly, to the drivers. Star Taxi works only with drivers that are assigned to well-known companies and that have passenger transport driver authorisation. Moreover, the client always has access to information about the taxi driver, such as: name, car code, company, price and ratings given by other users.

I lost something in the taxi. How can I get it back?2020-07-10T12:51:34+00:00

Star Taxi application keeps a history of all your orders. When you forget lose something in a taxi, and you need the details of that order, you can access the menu of the application, “Orders” section. Here you have to select the order you are interested in, and then press “Details”. By pressing “Call driver” button you can talk directly to the driver. If by any reason you are not able to do this, don’t hesitate to contact our call centre, available 24/7.

How can I download Star Taxi?2020-07-10T12:51:33+00:00

The application can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play. Once you finish registration, you can place your first order.

How do I order a taxi?2020-07-10T12:51:33+00:00

Once you have created your account, you can place orders as many times as you need. These will be sent to the closest drivers. After you accept the driver, on the screen will be displayed information about him, such as: name, car code, company and price.

Is my information safe?2020-07-10T12:51:33+00:00

In accordance with the Legislation, the information that you provide when creating your account and any other information provided after registration are treated with high confidentiality.

I forgot my password or email address. Your number is already in use?2020-07-10T12:51:33+00:00
If you don’t remember the password for your account, yet you know the email address used at registration, we highly recommend that you use “Forgot your password” button from the login section.
Although we did our best to automatize the processes so that your details can be recovered easily, there are moments when supplementary verification is necessary. This is why, if you have one of the above mentioned issues we suggest that you contact our Customer Care Department.
The application doesn’t automatically detect my location. What should I do?2020-07-10T12:51:33+00:00

If the application doesn’t automatically identify your location, you can move the pin on the map to the point where you want the driver to come. For a more precise localization we recommend that you keep your GPS activated. Although using the GPS is not mandatory, we are obliged to send you a notification that informs about its status, so that the experience of ordering a taxi through Star Taxi becomes as easy as possible.

What does rating / review mean and how can I use them?2020-07-10T12:51:33+00:00
Rating refers to the number of stars (1 star – very unsatisfied; 5 stars – very satisfied) that you give at the end of the trip, depending on the quality of the services offered by the driver that you travelled with.
Review refers to the comment attached to each rating.
What does favourite driver / blocked driver mean?2020-07-10T12:51:33+00:00

At the end of each order, Star Taxi application allows you to add the driver as a favourite driver or to block him, depending on the quality of the services provided and if the experience was positive or negative.

What are the points and how do I use them?2020-07-10T12:51:32+00:00

The points are part of a loyalty campaign dedicated to our customers. At this moment, the campaign is not active, so your number of points will always be equal to zero. A soon as the points can be turned into benefits we will let you know about this aspect.

Why is my account blocked?2020-07-10T12:51:32+00:00
The account is blocked in one of the following situations:
– You repeatedly denied the drivers that were presented as available for your order.
– You did not honour a number of maximum 3 orders in 7 days
(your account will remain blocked for 48 hours);
– You used inappropriate language while communicating with our collaborators or employees.
– Using the application in other purposes than ordering a taxi.
I have a complaint. Who should I address it to?2020-07-10T12:51:32+00:00

If you have a complaint, you can use the option “Report abuse” available in Star Taxi application. You can also use all the communication channels available, such as email account or telephone number. Our kind request is that you try to offer us as many details as possible. Some contact details, where we can get in touch with you, as a valid email address and a telephone number would be very useful.

How do I contact you if I need other information?2020-07-10T12:51:32+00:00
Star Taxi Support Team is available 24 / 7 at following telephone number:  0752208120
You can also write us an email at [email protected]. Furthermore, we recommend you to subscribe to our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/startaxi.ro, to stay in touch with all the new releases.
Why does the application say invalid session?2020-07-10T12:51:32+00:00

The message “invalid session” appears if you are logged simultaneously into your account on more than one device. We recommend that you logout your account on all devices and afterwards login again on the one you want to use at that moment.

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